"Managing Your Innate Psychic/Medium Abilities"

A 6-Module program that covers all of the following topics and more:


· What is it that Psychics and Mediums do?

·  Am I weird?

·  What are these abilities?

· How do I reconcile what I do with religion?

· What Are ghosts?

· How do you handle “evil” spirits?

· Meet your guides

· Opening up and closing down. Set up boundaries

· Focus on the client’s needs

· Psychic Etiquette

· And Much, Much MORE!


"The Business of Caring"

Business marketing strategies for Psychics, Mediums, Healers, Creative Artists, and Entrepreneurs.


This 4 hour seminar covers the following topics:

  • Going Public
  • How do you know when you are ready?
  • Degrees and Certifications
  • Can I charge money for what I do?
  • How much can I / should I charge?
  • Marketing yourself 

Bring your laptop or tablet- this is hands on and you’ll love the downloads.

This is not a “Get Rich Quick” program.
It is a “Keep You from Going Broke” program!

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To register or arrange a seminar in your area,

use our Contact page or call - (336)-817-0996 


"The Art of Awakening and Awareness"


A Creative Program for Personal Inner Discovery

 that utilizes visual perception and artistic rendering to reconnect to your Guides and Source, awaken an awareness of innate psychic abilities and promote inner spiritual healing. 

Taught by:

Frank Chodl, BA Studio Art/Art Education, MSEd, MSA

Psychic Medium, Artist, Author, Lecturer


Betz McKeown, HTP, INHC, CTCM

Integrative Health Practitioner


Hands-on Discovery

This 8 module program utilizes techniques of the Nicolaides method of learning to draw, together with exercises in inner reflection and self-discovery, specifically designed to connect (1) your visual perception to (2) your mental awareness to (3) your physical rendering to (4) the awakening of your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine to (5) your total awareness of Self. 

PLUS, your registration fee includes all class materials, and your drawing supplies. 



“There is only one right way to draw and that is a perfectly natural way. It has nothing to do with artifice or technique. It has nothing to do with aesthetics or conception. It has only to do with the act of correct observation, and by that, I mean physical contact with all sorts of objects through all senses.” 

~ Kimon Nicolaides, 1891-1938